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Here is a list of some of my publications. Please contact me to obtain the article from my archive or reference to a link where it may be found online.

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Magazine articles

Fall, 2005. Peradotto, Nicole. “Detecting Bp Among Look Alikes.” Bp Magazine. pp 38-40.

Spring 2005. Peradotto, Nicole, “Keeping in Step With Your Teenager,” Bp Magazine. pp 32-36.

July, 1997. “Focusing Three Feet Beyond the Edge of the Coal Bed.” New Times. Seattle, Washington.

February, 1997. “How to Avoid the Oppositionality Trap: Ten Principles.” News Lines, published by the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

October, 1996. “Wild Child,” This article written with Joanne Barrie Lynn. Hope Magazine. pp. 76-84.

February, 1996. “The Challenges of ‘Being ADD’ in Relationship. Journey, Seattle, WA.

May-June, 1995. “Wild Boy.” Family Therapy Networker. pp. 52-61. Article mislabeled “Kids, Drugs, and Side Effects” in online archive.

October, 1994. “Transcending the Myth of Male Entitlement.” New Times. Seattle, WA. (George Lynn wrote the Transitional Man column for the New Times from 1991 to 1997).

July, 1994. “Meeting the Shadows in the Holes in Our Chests.” Journey. Seattle, WA. p. 11.

Spring, 1994. “Self-Care Skills for Parenting Attention Different Children.” The Missing Piece. Published by the Learning Disabilities Association of Washington. Redmond, Washington.

October, 1990. “The Healing Journey of Men in Relationship.” Seattle M.E.N. magazine. This article was also featured in Island Men, Vol 1. Issue 4. Summer, 1991.

Spring, 1989. “Revisioning the Procrustean Bed.” Organization Development Journal, Pensacola, Fl. P.39.

February 11, 1987. “‘Platoon’ may be catharsis for local vets.” Sammamish Valley News. Issaquah, WA. p.3.

Winter, 1985. “Creative Approach to Solutions.” A review of Getting To Yes, in Insights, published by the Pacific Institute, Seattle, WA.

October, 1981. “How to Spring the Perfectionist’s Trap.” Insights. The Pacific Institute, Seattle, WA.

July, 1980. “Expanding the Bubble of Organization Perception.” AHP Newsletter, Association for Humanistic Psychology, San Francisco, CA.

Chapters in Anthologies, other author references

2002. “Guidelines for Parenting Your Attention Different Child,” in Attention Deficit Disorder Sourcebook. Dawn Matthews, Editor. Omnigraphics. Detroit, MI.

1997. “Levels of Development for OD Consultants.” Reprinted in Organizational Development Classics. Dixie Van Eynde and Judith Hoy, Eds, Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco.

1996. “Guidelines for Parenting Attention Different Kids.” in Think Fast. Thom Hartmann and Susan Burgess, Editors. Underwood Books. Grass Valley, CA.

1988. “How to Avoid the Curse of Catch-22.” Reprinted in The Best of Training Magazine. (hardback). Minneapolis, MN.

George’s ideas discussed in other books.

2001. Roberts, Colleen Alexander. ADHD and Teens. Taylor Books.

1999. Handler, Lowell. Twitch and Shout: A Touretter’s Tale. Plume Books.

Online articles, interviews, chats, and reviews

Online articles

Association for Children’s Mental Health, Lansing Mich. “Keys to Parent Hardiness: Staying Healthy Despite the Stress of Raising a Very Difficult Child.” October, 2007. A PowerPoint file of George’s Keynote presentation at ACMH’s annual conference.

“Bipolar Realities” Essential wisdom I have learned from parents of children with Bipolar Disorder about what families need to do to survive the stress of raising a child on the Bipolar spectrum.

“Differentiating AD/HD from Bipolar Disorder in Children.” These conditions often occur together. This article identifies seven key differences.

“Five Survival Strategies to Help Children with Asperger’s Syndrome Overcome Inertia.” This article provides practical advice for dealing with the AS child’s inability to self-initiate things in his life.

“Guidelines for parenting your Attention Different Child.” Brightword.com.

“Identifying and Helping the Child with ADHD Plus Bipolar Disorder at Home and at School.” Colorado Positive Behavior Support Symposium. Colorado Department of Education, Denver, Colorado. July, 2007. A PowerPoint file of George’s daylong workshop at PBS’s annual conference.

“The Wounds and Blessings of Tourette Syndrome.” This article was presented as the Keynote Address at the annual meeting of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, May 30, Ottawa. 1999. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child shared the event.

“The Attention Different Child.” This short article explains this term which I use as a descriptor for children with neurobiological challenges such as ADD, Bipolar Disorder, and Tourette syndrome.

“The Challenges of ‘Being ADD’ In Relationship.” Shows how to develop intimacy and mutual empowerment in ADD relationships.


Listen to George talk about Genius! On the Thom Hartmann Show.
This is a complete transcript of the Hartmann Show on Air America on December 26, 2005.
April 22, 1998, George guested on the Maury Povich Show to talk about extreme behavior in children. In the “Little Terrors” episode, he explained the challenges faced by children with mood disorders and AD/HD.

October, 1996. “Listen To Me: An Interview With Drs. Gerald and Lee Jampolski.” New Times. Seattle, WA. This is a father and son interview by George for his Transitional Man column. Dr. Gerald Jampolski wrote the bestseller, Love is Letting Go of Fear. (Celestial Arts, 1988). Both men are now psychiatrists. Lee talks about what it was like growing up with his famous, absent, and alcoholic dad.



January 19, 2006. Chat on Starfish Advocacy.com.

December, 2005. Chat on Healthy Places.com.

April 21, 2005. Chat on the Child and Adult Bipolar Foundation.

March, 1995 to December, 1997, George was a frequent guest on the CompuServe ADD Forum and AOL ADHD forums.



About.com. Marcia Purse writes a review of George’s presentation at the Jean Paul Ohadi Conference, Chicago, ILL. (December, 2000). George shared the morning program for this large conference with Dr. Dimitri Papolos author of The Bipolar Child.

Special Needs Project. A review of The Asperger Plus Child. Please email for url.

Talent Development Resources. Doug Eby, a writer who has interviewed many preeminent artists, musicians, authors, and actors with conditions such as ADD and Bipolar Disorder, reviews George Lynn’s 2005 book Genius! Nurturing the Spirit of the Wild, Odd, and Oppositional Child.

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